Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Forensic Medicine and Toxicology is a medical speciality which deals with the application of medical & para-medical knowledge to aid in administration of justice. A Forensic expert deals with crime scene investigation, post mortem examination and issuance of medicolegal certificates. In course of work a forensic expert is also involved in expert opinions and court evidence.

Teaching Activity

Based on the NMC ‘Competency based undergraduate curriculum- 2019’, the broader goal for undergraduate teaching in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology is to bring-forth an Indian Medical Graduate who is conversant with his medico-legal responsibilities in practice of medicine, making him competent enough to make observations and deducing conclusions by logical deductions in criminal matters and connected medicolegal issues which shall be an assistance to the investigating and legal agencies. In the due course he/she shall be acquainted with the various laws related to medical practice, negligence & medical ethics.

Didactic lectures & practical oriented sessions, help to acquire knowledge in relation to the medicolegal aspects of hospital and general practice. Invoke physician’s responsibilities towards community service, creating public awareness about organ donation, criminal matters, poisoning, unnatural deaths and understanding its legal aspects.

Develop his/ her skills to treat common emergencies in poisoning and draw inferences from observations & collect evidence in medicolegal issues/ criminal matters. Interpret findings of postmortem examination & comprehend to depose in the court of law as an expert witness in matters related to civil/ criminal cases. Learners are trained to follow principles of medical ethics in their practice. Communicate effectively with Media, public and next of kin of the patient, in medico-legal matters.

Guide him/ her to have an integrated approach to allied disciplines of medicine/ surgery & hospital administration in a scientific manner.

Hospital Services

Service in the form of advice/ expert opinion is provided as and when required, in all cases of medicolegal importance/ criminal matters brought or admitted in K J Somaiya Hospital & Research center.

Dr. Sunil Shankar Kadam

Professor & Head

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Dr. Mahesh Manjunath Devadas

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Keith Jude D'Souza


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Dr. Amol

Associate Professor

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