Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry is a science that seeks to understand the chemical basis of life and finds numerous applications in medical sciences. The subject involves study of various molecules present in the human body, their properties, their interaction with each other to maintain normal health and alterations in these molecules leading to disease states. Medical Applications of Biochemistry include demonstration of qualitative and or quantitative alterations in these molecules as sensitive and specific indicators for diagnosis of diseases.

Teaching Activity

The department of biochemistry conducts theory and practical training sessions for students enrolled in various educational programs conducted by the college.

Undergraduate programs: MBBS (as per CBME curriculum)

Post graduate programs: PGDMLT

Doctoral programs: PhD (Biochemistry)

The teaching activities carried out include lectures, small group teaching, integrated teaching, early clinical exposure sessions, self directed learning, tutorials, demonstrations, and hands-on practicals. The department houses a teaching laboratory and is equipped with a multitude of instruments including semi auto analyzers, spectrophotometers , colorimeters and apparatus for electrophoresis and chromatography for imparting training to students.

Hospital Services

The department also supervises the various routine and special biochemistry investigations performed in the Central Clinical laboratory of the hospital. Clinical Biochemistry services are offered round-the-clock for all patients of K. J. Somaiya Hospital (OPD, IPD, Casualty, ICU, samples collected during various health camps, etc.) and include over hundred different tests grouped as follows:

  • Routine Biochemistry
  • Organ function profiles
  • Disease profiles
  • Endocrinology
  • Immunology
  • Other specialized tests

Individuals and organizations can also directly avail of these services for purposes like pre-employment / in-service health check-ups.

The state of the art equipment including fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers, ABG cum electrolyte analyzers and immunoassay analyzers along with participation in internal and external quality assurance programs ensure high accuracy and precision of test results.

Dr. Aditya Balakrishna Sathe

Professor & Head

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Dr. Rohini Bipin Bhadre


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Dr. Poornima Bijumon Mullankandy

Assistant Professor

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Mr. Shailendra Pandurang Mosamkar


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Dr. Mangal Naik


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Dr. Aparna Sagare

Assistant Professor

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