Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Biochemistry)|PhD Medical Biochemistry


Affiliating Body

The Program is affiliated to the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS).

Student Intake

3 students per year with a maximum of 8 students at any one time.

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Key Information


The PhD Guide assists the candidate in all the activities required to be completed including

  • Completion of coursework organized by the institution or research center.
  • Submission of Research Proposal (Synopsis)
  • Monitoring research work
  • Annual Progress Review
  • Pre PhD Viva Voce Presentation
  • Submission of Thesis


The program is conducted at the K J Somaiya Medical College which has adequate research facilities and qualified and experienced faculty to guide the students.

Program Outcome

A PhD (Medical Biochemistry) Scholar can opt for the following career paths ahead

  • Work as faculty in a medical college
  • Work in research institutes in the field of Medical Biochemistry
  • Work in the industry having relation to Medical Biochemistry