Diplomate of National Board (General Surgery) | DNB (General Surgery)


Affiliating Body

The Program is affiliated to the National Board Of Examinations.

Student Intake

2 students per year

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Key Information


Comprehensive Surgical Care Training:
  • Hands-on sessions focusing on mastering both pre-operative and postoperative care.
  • Simulations and real-time case handling to practice the art and science of surgery.
  • Consultation workshops to refine the process of seeking and providing surgical advice.
Research & Communication:
  • Research project guidance and mentorship.
  • Training on presenting findings to peers and the wider medical community.
Peer-teaching sessions:
  • Workshops on effective training methods for juniors, medical students, and paramedical personnel.
Continuous Learning:
  • Regular updates on the latest surgical developments.
  • Participation in continuing medical education programs.
Emergency Management:
  • Emergency response simulations.
  • Training on handling routine and specialized surgical issues.
Surgical Audit Awareness:
  • Seminars on the importance and methods of surgical audits.
  • Discussions on cost-effective patient management.
Referral System Training:
  • Understanding when and how to refer patients to specialized centers, based on the limitations of infrastructure and expertise.
Documentation & Ethics:
  • Workshops on maintaining accurate medical records, with a special focus on medico-legal cases.
  • Training on ethical practices in doctor-patient relationships.
  • Training to think on one's feet during surgical challenges.


  • The course is taught by knowledgeable and dedicated faculty members in compliance with NMC standards.
  • With well-equipped facilities like lecture halls, specialized labs, a library, and hostel accommodations, students are ensured a comfortable learning environment and efficient content delivery.
  • K J Somaiya charitable hospital provides ample clinical resources, ensuring students gain sufficient hands-on experience across various sections due to the consistent patient inflow.

Program Outcome

A DNB (General Surgery) Post graduate can pursue further studies in super-specialty fields, take up teaching roles in medical institutions, or work in premier hospitals. They also have the option to establish their own clinics or collaborate with multi-specialty hospitals as Associate Consultants.


The curriculum is prescribed by the National Board of Examinations. Please visit the link and go to page 2 to view the details.